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About Learn Real Arabic

What is the Learn Real Arabic Program?
The Learn Real Arabic is an educational website dedicated to the dissemination of the Arabic language, the lingua franca of more than 200 million people in the Middle East and the liturgical language of more than one billion Muslims – who are eager to learn Arabic language worldwide.

At learn real Arabic, we believe that many Arabic learners are lost in translation, in terms of both the meaning a particular text conveys and its literary and rhetorical merit. In order to fully do justice to the subtleties and rhetorical nuances of sacred Islamic literature, particularly the Qur`an, Islam’s holiest text and what is by consensus the epitome of Arabic eloquence, one must have a deep understanding of the sciences of Classical Arabic.

That is what we specialize in: using modern technology to teach Classical Arabic in an affordable, convenient, and flexible manner, such that anyone–Muslim or non-Muslim, from all walks of life–can have access to our Arabic learning resources.

What are our objectives?
Since 2010, we have been providing quality Arabic instruction to English speaking students, both online and locally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We offer comprehensive recorded Arabic videos Programs consisting of Arabic video tutorials, with the students having access to our resources and materials on the various sciences of Classical Arabic.

In February 2012, we introduced our ultimate Arabic beginner course program, an ideal program that helps you to master the Arabic basics in no time and it is ideal for high school graduates or college students who wish to reinforce their studies by devoting some time to serious study of the Arabic language Islamic studies without having to travel overseas.

The ultimate Arabic beginner course aims to bring a beginner learner to a high degree of proficiency in Classical Arabic and prepare you to move faster to the intermediate level.

The Holy Qur`an states:
إنا أنزلناه قرآنا عربيا لعلكم تعقلون
“Indeed, we revealed it as an Arabic Qur`an so that you may understand.” (Surah Yusuf)

Although it is the language of the Qur`an and Sunnah, the Friday sermon, Islamic scholarship, and the language through which we perform our daily prayer and beseech our Creator, most Muslims, particularly those in the West, have neglected the study of the Arabic language. It is our belief that every individual deserves access to affordable, quality instruction in Classical Arabic that caters to his needs and accommodates his schedule and locale. Furthermore, any effective program must consist of the following elements:

Focus on Classical Arabic
Unlike many other Arabic language programs, which concentrate on Modern Standard Arabic or one of the various colloquial dialects, our primary focus is on Classical Arabic, the language of the Quran and sunnah.

Coherent Methodology
Our entire program is mapped out in a logical manner, and the teacher constantly refers to this roadmap throughout the course, so that the student can gauge his progress and be aware of his immediate and long-term goals. As the student progresses, more complex concepts are introduced in a systematic manner, so that the student advances without getting frustrated and bowing out in the initial stages.

Competent Instruction
Both of our instructors have years of experience in teaching the Islamic sciences, and they themselves teach the courses rather than merely designing the curriculum and leaving the instructional duties to student teachers. The instructors make it a point to be accessible, readily addressing any questions or concerns a student may have, either during class or on the online message-board in which they actively participate.

Student Interaction
Students are encouraged to ask questions, participate, and read, with the teacher constantly making corrections and giving feedback. Furthermore, our students assist one another with queries regarding the language, organize study-sessions, and even develop friendships in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation.

Having provided quality instruction in Classical Arabic for seven years, we are not new to this field, and our methodology has proven effective year after year.

Simply visit our message board to see the astonishing progress of our advanced students, who now study classical texts in Islamic jurisprudence and Qur`anic exegesis, after having merely known the alphabet not long ago. Additionally, some of our students have gone on to further their studies in such prestigious seminaries as al-Azhar and others overseas.

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