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About Haytham Ibrahim

Haytham Ibrahim is a well-known native Arabic language lecturer and book author, based in beautiful Malaysia. He is the founder and CEO of Arabic Version Ltd., a linguistic company incorporated in Malaysia. He is also the creator of Learn Real Arabic linguistic system.

Haytham is one of the first Arabic lecturers who has used and recommended Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps™ system in teaching Arabic language to non-natives. Moreover, he has developed a new system on how to use the Mind Maps™ system to build Arabic vocabulary quickly.

Haytham has over fifteen years of experience in professional Arabic language training, consulting, and education, as he had served at a public university, a government department, and leading Islamic associations. Currently, Haytham works as an Arabic-English translation expert, and Arab cultural and etiquette consultant for many companies and leading businesses in Malaysia.   

In the course of his work and study, Haytham has delivered lectures and conducted training and consultation in the following countries:
Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

He has managed professional training programs ranging from a one-day talk to a seventeen-day international integrated course on Arabic language learning and linguistics studies.

Haytham Ibrahim is – Highly Qualified Arabic Language Instructor – With Arabic Native Arabic Language Speaking, Teaching Arabic as a Second/Foreign Language.

I've been Teaching Arabic to Non Natives for more than 13 years. I've tried countless of methodologies but unfortunately, I’ve realized that there aren't any methodologies which can explain how to Learn Arabic within a short period of time.

As a Result, I've Decided to Develop my own method which would obtain immediate results. My classes are always a total personalization. You will never need to adapt to any preconceived system .I always construct a lesson based on each individual needs.

Courses which I created are always inline with common Arabian Countries Framework of reference for Language procedure. Thus, you could sit for all major Arabic examinations.

For the past seven years, I have been encountering 100% of succession rate with all my students who undertaken my course.

My Credentials

+ Certified as "Professional Translator" by Arab Professional Translators Society.

+ Member of Arab Translators Network (ATN-APTS).

+ Member of Arabic Translation and Intercultural Dialogue Association (ATIDA).

+ Member of ProZ.Com.

+ Member of Arabic Localization Team.

+ Member of Translators Cafe and many others.

+ Member of ETA.

My Approach

Academic Method VS Pragmatic Method

1- Academic Method:

Academic method is the traditional teaching method. It emphasizes on too much memorization of grammar, rules, verbs, tenses before you could speak.

At the end of this method and learning process, YOUR mind will be full with grammars and therefore it is almost impossible to associate all these elements to build a sentence or a question.

1. Try to speak Arabic

2. Learn advanced tenses

3. Learn advanced grammar

4. Learn vocabulary

5. Learn grammar

6. Learn irregular verbs

7. Learn verb forms

8. Learn the three types of verbs

9. Learn basic information

10. Greetings and say YOUR name

2- Pragmatic Method:

The Pragmatic method which I've Designed over my past 10 years of teaching experience, will allow me to teach you only what you needed. It is easy, simple and straight forward. With pragmatic method, it enables you to shorten the tedious tradition learning process tactfully with elimination of unnecessary grammars, rules, verbs and tenses. As soon as you have mastered the basic tools, it will basically allow you to start creating YOUR own sentences and any common types of questions. Be able to speak Arabic in early learning stage will boost YOUR confidence and thus will motivate you to accelerate further to higher levels.

1. Pronunciation and advanced phonetics

2. Basic Arabic language information

3. Speak Arabic language information

4. Speak Arabic by making simple sentence

5. Get confidence

6. Make questions and start to communicate in Arabic

7. Learn verb forms and polish YOUR Arabic

8. Learn Grammar if necessary


* Course Title:

Arabic Language Discovery (12 Hours)

* Objective:

+ Be able to know more about Arabic culture and Arabic style.

* Who should enroll?

+ This class is recommended for those who are curious about the language but with less commitment.


* Course Title:

Arabic Culture and Habits (12 Hours)

* Objective

+ This is not a compulsory class it is strongly recommended to those who wanted to know more about Arabic lifestyle.

* Who should enroll?

+ For those who needs to interact and coordinate with Arabic.

+ For those who wanted to understand Arabic countries and Arabic Language.


* Course Title:

Beginner Arabic Language  (5 Weeks /20 Hours)

* Objective

+ Be able to communicate with Arabic for common purposes of the life with the usage of present tense.

+ Be able to speak, Read and write Basic Arabic and be understood.

+ Acquire general Arabic - life scenarios.

+ Talk about yourself, your family members and your friends or colleagues.

+ Say what you like, dislike, and answer when someone asks you question on same subjects.

+ Talk about someone or your family and mention what they like or don’t like.

+ You will be introduced to the AngloArabo Linguistic System, The revolution in linguistics.

* Who should enroll?

+ Beginners with level Zero.


* Course Title:

Intermediate Arabic Language (30 hours)

* Objective

+ Be able to communicate with Arabic for common purposes of the life with the usage of present, past, future and conditional tenses.

+ Acquire intermediate level of Arabic - life scenarios.

* Who should enroll?

+ Those who have completed the beginner Arabic language - 20 HRS or already have a basic knowledge of Arabic language.


* Course Title:

Advanced Arabic Language (50 to 70 hours)

* Objective

+ Be able to have full fluent conversation in Arabic Language.

* Who should enroll?

+ Independent speaker with minimal assistance.

+ Those who have completed the intermediate Arabic language - 60 hours or already have basic knowledge of Arabic language.


* Course Title:

Academic Arabic for Students

(Specific for Academic Examination)

Course duration will be based on student's current level in the school preparation for MSA and Classical Arabic or other examinations.

* Objective

+ Be able to sit for Arabic Exams: MSA ....

* Who should enroll?

+ International and local school students who wish to sit for the above examinations.

+ Colleges, universities & post - graduates students who wish to sit for the above examinations.


* Course Title:

Last Minute Crash Course  (16 Hours or 1 Week end)

* Objective

+ Be able to speak basic Arabic language for an imperative need.

* Who should enroll?

+ For those who has an urgent needs to speak Arabic.

+ Individual who need to travel or require visiting an Arabic speaking country urgently


* Course Title:

Arabic for Hospitality,  Hotel Management and Tourism
(25 Hours)

* Objective

+ Be able to communicate with clients and guests on common requests & enquirers.

* Who should enroll?

+ Individual and students who wish to venture in hospitality, hotel management and tourism industry.

+ Hospitality, hotel management and tourism staff who require to learn Arabic for the nature of their profession.


* Course Title:

Arabic for Business and Corporate
(25 Hours)

* Objective:

+ Be able to converse in Arabic Language by utilizing all business jargons and customary phrase in daily conglomerate operation.

+ Arabic for Business: I teach business leaders the terminology of the Arabic Business language in the Middle East, and how to start up a new business in an Arabic environment (laws and regulations)

* Who should enroll?

+ Business Men or Women or executives who deals with Arabic or involved in Arabic speaking countries establishment.


* Course Title:

Arabic for P.A & Secretaries (30 Hours)

* Objective

+ Be able to manage daily secretarial tasks and functions for Arabian superior.

+ Be able to communicate basic Arabic with clients, suppliers, and business partners.

+ Be able to correspondence in Arabic through email, letters and documents.

* Who should enroll?

+ Secretaries working in Arabian companies / NGOs.


* Course Title:

Arabic for Government, Embassies and Diplomacy (40 Hours)

* Objective

+ Be able to communicate, converse and correspondence in Arabic by using specific diplomacy terms.

+ Be able to show proficiency as a diplomat, ambassador and important authority.
+ Arabic for Diplomats: Special and fast program to get diplomats posted to the Middle East, familiar with the language of a certain Arab country and its culture.

+ Educational course customized for New Diplomats posted to the Middle East: Get to know the language, dialect and the culture of the country you are about to move to. This program will assist new diplomat and employee at Embassies abroad to know the culture differences, the appropriate approach, and ways to reach out to communities.

* Who should enroll?

+ Government, embassy personnel, local or foreign authority.


* Course Title:

Arabic for Travelers (30 Hours)

* Objective

+ Be able to get most out of a visit in Arabian speaking countries.

* Who should enroll?

+ Anyone who wishes to visit an Arabic speaking country.


* Course Title:

Arabic for Flight Attendants (30 Hours)

* Objective

+ Be able to communicate in Arabic with passengers

* Who should enroll?

+ Stewardesses and stewards.


* Course Title:

Spoken Arabic & Conversational Workshop

Note: Course duration varies between individual and expectations

* Objective

+ To converse and communicate in Arabic

* Who should enroll?

+ For those who already have a good foundation (grammar/verbs/tenses/rules) in the language but still unable to speak.


* Course Title:

Arabic Literature  (30 Hours)

* Objective

+ To discover and learn about the distinctiveness of Arabic literature and explanation of its eccentric idiosyncratic.

* Who should enroll?

+ For those who retain a strong passion in discovering and understanding Arabic poetry, novels & theater.


* Course Title:

Arabic for Children: Starting 7 years old (40 Hours)

* Objective

+ Be able to interact in Arabic in early age.

+ Be able to sit for MSA junior.

* Who should enroll?

+ For parents who wish to send their children to Arabic environment.

+ For parents who wishes their children to obtain an extra language skills.

+ Join the 9 Months Program and give your child a chance to Speak Arabic like a native in early Age.


* Course Title:

Quranic Arabic (The Holy Quran Course)

I Teach the whole 10 Ways of Narration of the Holy Quran. (For More Information Contact Me)

A) For All Ages

* Objective

+ Prepare yourself to study the Holy Quran (Tajweed & Tafsir)

+ Do you feel that you always forget what you already memorized in Quran?

+ You want to learn how to read the right and correct way of the Holy Quran?

+ You want to understand the meaning of words and Tafsir and Hadith?
+ A Lot of Non Arabic Natives May Know How to Read Quran But they Do Not Understand the Meanings; Are YOU One of Them?

* Who should enroll?

If YOU answer YES for any question from the above, contact me to start YOUR schedule.

B) For Children: Starting 7 years old

Note: Course duration varies between individual and expectations
Prepare YOUR Child from Now!

* Objective

+ Be able to interact and memorize the Holy Quran in Arabic in early age.

+ Be able to sit for Quranic Classical Arabic junior.

* Who should enroll?

+ For parents who are planning to send their child abroad to study Islamic Religion Sciences.

+ Help YOUR child to memorize the holy Quran in early age and to interact in Arabic language environment.


* Course Title:

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (E.C.A)


* Course Title:

Syrian Colloquial Arabic (S.C.A)


* Course Title:

GULF Colloquial Arabic (G.C.A)


* Course Title:

Jordan Colloquial Arabic (J.C.A)


* Course Title:

(MSA Complete Course - 15 Levels)

+ Intensive Arabic Course Speak Arabic Like a Native!

+ You Will be Prepared to Get MSA International Certificate

+ Study a Customized Arabic Course For 9 Months To Speak Arabic Like a Native!


* Course Title:

Complete Arabic Grammar Course (Nahw and Sarf)

By completing this course YOU will master Arabic language.

YOU will study the following material:

(1) Al-Lugah (Lexicon)

In this Course it is concerned with collecting and explaining vocabulary.

(2) At-ta-rif (Morphology)

In this Course it Determines the form of the individual words.

(3) Al-ishtiqaq (derivation = Word Stemming)

In this Course it is Primarily concerned with Examining the origin of the words.

(4) an-na-hw (syntax)

In this Course it is Primarily concerned with inflection (i-rab) which had already been lost in dialects.


* Course Title:

(TAFL Complete Course)

+ You will be prepared to Get International TAFL Certificate

+ Customized Course for Teacher to Teach Arabic Language as a second Language (TAFL)

* Objective

+ To Introduce the linguistic and cognitive dimensions of Language (including pragmatic semantics, grammar, written and spoken differences).

+ To Acquaint YOU with the principles and the current issues related to teaching and learning a foreign/second language

+ To Enable YOU to apply the principles of performance based language teaching and learning to Arabic

+ To Enable YOU to evaluate, adapt, and be able to integrate authentic and instructional materials

+ To Introduce the principles of testing and evaluation as applied in language teaching, and the national Proficiency Guidelines for Arabic


* Course Title:

Classical Arabic for Imams

+ Quranic Customized Course for Imams to improve the Art of Rhetoric; Balagha, Language Mastering Skills, and Speech Skills.

I’ve been Teaching and Developing the Previous 25 Course For More Than 10 Years

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